Rest API and Big data

The scenario is given below.

Large number of data  in mongo DB and the data growing  per day is 10 ,000.

Requirements and Tips

1. Needed  REST API which should perform in a proper manner.

2.REST API should be able to access frequently updating data as well as not frequently updating data. .

Ex: Latest released films of the day -frequently updating

Ex:User’s interested films  -not frequently updating data

3.No limitation to scale up(horizontal or vertical) the system

-response time ,support to large user base,load balancing (DB Replication is ignored for demonstration purpose)

4.Multiple platform supports ,WEB and Mobile

5.Same user  account can be used with different devices(Android ,IOS,Web)

-data sync



Mysql-setup - New Page (2)
1.Suggested AWS cloud architecture

Scale up the the database and make a distributed architecture

  • Increase the performance of the server-ABC
  • Indexing to most important fields
  • Server XYZ was added to store  region B related data,
  • Maintaining history collection to move old data .
  • A reference collection which has references for the data where it is stored (ex:ABC or XYZ)

Setup to build  the API environment;

  • Setup nginx on 80 port
  • Setup Node API  on 8080 port
  • Install Redis cache and mongoDB


Implemeting API with expressJS


  1. Authentication with web token
  2. Signup and login
  3. Token usage for resources

please visit for the source code ,Source code.


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