Elastic MemCache

What is Elastic Cache :

Elastic cache is a web service that makes it easy to manage and scale a distributed in memory cache environment in the cloud.


How it works:



1.Configuraton with AWS console

2.Need to Configure the Elastic-Cache Cluster Client in the server.

   In order to take advantage of auto discovery .


3. Sample PHP application code.



  * Sample PHP code to show how to integrate with the Amazon ElastiCcache
  * Auto Discovery feature.
  * @author         Azeem
function cache_test()
echo “Hi ,This is elastic memcache clastering system sample<br>”;
$server_endpoint=’test-memcached.xxxxx.yyyyyy.zzzz.cache.amazonaws.com‘; //this is  elastic memcache
$server_port=11211; //this is the prot we have configured
$client =  new Memcached();
$client->addServer($server_endpoint, $server_port); //initializing the server configuration
$client->set(‘my_key’, ‘My Value is at   elastic memcache ‘.time()); //setting the key with value

echo ‘Data in the cluster: [‘ . $client->get(‘my_key’) . ‘]’; //getting the value





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